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No one would argue that cryptocurrency is becoming more and more widespread. For those who use extensively digital money for investing or purchase of goods and services, the most important point is the choice of a wallet, which allows them to securely store funds and make secure transactions 24/7.

BitMarket Network Client is a new project that already demonstrates advanced technical capabilities. We have already talked about the release of the initial alpha version of the open-source cross-platform local wallet in 2021. And already in 2022, a stable alpha version becomes available and everyone can use it.

The new version of the software has been released with the following updates:

  • the database engine has been changed from the 'sqlite3' package to the 'bmnsqlite' package;
  • full database encryption with AES-XTS cipher is completed;
  • the new database table structure is used;
  • setting the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variable;
  • setting the QQmlEngine.offlineStoragePath property;
  • some command line option names have been renamed to be more readable;
  • limited download of data from the server (16MiB);
  • QML: Keyboard navigation optimization.

The project takes into account the needs of the audience and is being improved daily. The stable version of the crypto wallet already has a number of advantages, including cross-platform, mobility, convenient User Experience and User Interface. The main feature is multicurrency - there are no other similar open-source projects. At this stage, clients have the opportunity to work with two cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Litecoin. And others would be available within the near future.

The BitMarket Network team and like-minded people work daily to improve the visual (as well as other user functions), security, and openness. We would appreciate feedback from ordinary users and specialists. Qualified developers are also invited to cooperate.

After the first international payment system Bitcoin emerged in 2009, public interest in cryptocurrencies has increased greatly in the past decade.
BitMarket Network Client crypto wallet is safe, fast, convenient!
Cryptocurrency market experts have almost unanimously announced the upcoming decline in the Bitcoin rate in the first half of 2021.
BitMarket Network Client is a multicurrency local crypto wallet that allows you to make fast transactions with virtual assets. It includes two-factor authentication, comfortable U1 & UX, and no registration is required.
The question of choosing or replacing a crypto wallet bothers Bitcoin and altcoin holders constantly. Moreover, the choice is now quite large. By search queries, forums and thematic platforms give out immediately from TOP 15 to TOP 100 “best” wallets.
Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in 2020. On January 6, its rate exceeded the historical maximum with a mark of $ 35.7 thousand, and since March last year, it has grown by 840%!
At the beginning of the year, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was 12 years old. It was on January 3, 2009 that Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin network, which he had been developing since 2007, and mined the first 50 BTC. The first transaction took place nine days later - Nakamoto sent 10 BTC to developer Hal Fini.
It’s hard to believe it, but no one still knows who created the first cryptocurrency, which today is in the TOP-10 of the world’s assets along with gold and Google shares.
Today, Bitcoin is among the 15 most valuable assets in the world, ahead of even the Visa payment system and the precious metal Platinum. The cryptocurrency rate has grown by 840% compared to the previous spring. Experts assume that BTC may rise in price to $ 146,000 in the long term. At the same time, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in the first days of 2021 exceeded $ 1 trillion.
Today Bitcoin is at the TOP of the most expensive assets, where it takes the honourable 12th place. Cryptocurrency capitalization is $ 580 billion. This is a colossal amount of funds that need to be stored somewhere. Choosing the right wallet is a criticсal step that should not be taken thoughtlessly. In this regard, each user asks himself the same question: “What Bitcoin wallet is the best?”