About us

Who we are

We are a team of crypto market enthusiasts who aims to create a modern and high-quality blockchain product.
Our goal is to make storage and operations with cryptocurrency safe, convenient, and accessible for every user no matter how experienced he or she is. We are always open to cooperation to improve the user characteristics of the product, accelerate its development and receive feedback from developers, testers, and experienced users.

What are we doing?

We have created a convenient open-source local client for beginners and professional cryptocurrency users with simple and clear tools with which you can easily receive and send cryptocurrency, as well as track it in fiat.
Our project is available to all interested users free of charge. Join us!
Installation on any device
BitMarket Network Client is a cross-platform application. You can already download the version for Win / Mac OS X / Linux, and soon, the client will become compatible with iOS and Android.
Cold storage
The client is local, so it is installed on your phone or computer. This type of cryptocurrency storage protects your data much more reliably than online platforms.
All assets in one place
A multicurrency wallet allows you to store several cryptocurrencies at once, along with fast synchronization between them and displaying the value of all assets in fiat at the selected rate.